In collaboration with MathWorks, makers of MATLAB & Simulink
Session overview:

This presentation examines the evolution of Systems Engineering in the global space industry, from concept of operations and mission analysis, to design trade studies, test and integration and operations. The presentation’s focus is on the impacts of digital transformation, including the growth of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Despite significant advances, challenges remain in the digitalization of Systems Engineering. Some visions for the future, including newer applications such as AI and digital twin are explored.

Some highlightes include:

  • What is systems engineering, and what makes a “good” systems engineering organization?

  • How have digital transformation, SysML and the advent of MBSE impacted the space industry?

  • What gaps and challenges remain in the digitalization of Systems Engineering, and what emerging techniques exist to address them?

  • How will AI impact space applications?

Speaker: Ossi Saarela, MathWorks